Upgrading our In-house laboratory

19.9.13: We're proud to announce that we will be installing a major upgrade to our in house laboratory with the latest IDEXX technology - with a Procyte and Catalyst machine. These machines can give us comprehensive biochemical and haematology results in under 10 minutes - so no more waiting overnight for answers. We can assess organ function as well as red and white blood cell counts. This means we can get a diagnosis promptly and start the appropriate treatment sooner.

A.S.A.P - As Safe As Possible - Even though every animal has a thorough physical examination prior to being anaesthetised, there are many conditions that may not be detected unless a pre-anaesthetic panel of blood tests is performed. It is impossible to obtain and understand a more complete picture without also performing additional tests. These tests are similar to those your own doctor would run prior to you having an anaesthetic. To maximise patient safety, and make every anaesthetic as safe as possible we recommend these tests to all surgical cases.

Pets cannot tell us when they do not feel 100%. Even though our pets may appear to be healthy, bright, and bouncy, there can still be an underlying disease process occurring. A significant percentage of young animals can have congenital or heredity problems that do not always show clinical signs in the early stages of disease.