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It's getting colder...

Winter is almost here, and we're starting to see some of the 'oldies' slowing down and getting a bit stiff on their legs. Just like us , there are several things that we can do to help them:

  • Watch their weight - I know , easier said than done! , but a few extra Kgs makes a huge difference.
  • Glucosamine - This has been shown to help a lot of dogs. It helps lubricate and maintain joint function
  • Pentosan injections - normally a course of 4 injections once a week for 4 weeks. This helps repair joint cartilage, as well as having anti-inflammtory effects.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications - Just like us, sometimes our pets need stronger pain management to help them .there are many products and regimes available now , which we can taylor to the individual animal.

Taurine Deficiency Induced Dilated Cardiomyopathy( heart disease ) in Golden Retrievers

May, 2018. Recent studies in the U.S have found that Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) is becoming more prevalent in Golden Retrievers. DCM is a disease that causes the heart to become grossly enlarged, and the heart muscle thinner and weaker- and not contract as strongly as it should. Veterinarians at UC Davis (USA), are seeing a pattern, and recognized that many cases were due to dietary taurine deficiency in Golden Retrievers fed grain free diets.The majority of cases they are seeing are from grain free diets that are high in legumes, like acana pork and squash singles.

Taurine is an amino acid that is found in high concentrations in heart and muscle. Among its many functions, it aids in normal contractile function.Taurine deficiency as a cause of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is not a new issue. Taurine deficiency in cats was characterized in the late 1980's , and has since been characterized as a cause of acquired DCM in dogs as well.

What this means for other breeds,and for dogs in Australia remains to be determined.

Puppy Preschool Classes

We recommend Les Treuer from Dogwise Training for puppy pre-school.Contact Les for more information, and to secure a spot: 0400 819 330.

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